Why Choose Us?

We assists inspiring students and graduates to find great internships that offer fantastic experience and lead to permanent jobs. We know it’s tough out there, which is why we’re dedicated to creating brilliant internship opportunities – 65% of which lead to full-time jobs. We cover all sorts of sectors, from marketing and advertising to finance and IT, and have hundreds of roles at any given time.

AVEC provisions students in their search for appropriate internships in order to either complete their academic studies or enhance their resume. Working with the largest network of recruitment/placement agencies as well as establishments directly in China, Australia, Spain, Turkey among many other countries, AVEC is in perfect position to help students achieve their goals.

  • We are a community of professionals.
  • We care about your progress.
  • We’ve done our homework.
  • We are committed to quality.
  • We’re flexible, agile and effective.
  • We have insider experience.

Placement Guarantee

Your internship is guaranteed. If we are unable to place you in an internship that you accept you will have the option to receive a full refund. This is our Internship Placement Guarantee.

Program Events

Experience all that the city has to offer. You’ll forge lasting memories and friendships, as well as a web of business connections that stretch around the globe.

Professional Revised Resume

You’ll partner with one of our industry experts to learn business tips, perfect your resume and refine your interviewing skills.

Expert Interview Coaching

AVEC shall assess your English speaking proficiency and provide assistance as required, be it confidence boosting, speaking practice or mock interviewing.

Career Seminars

AVEC shall hold career seminars in lieu with various professional sector experts. These events shall be free of cost to all interested students.

Types of Internships

We are working everyday to add more internship opportunities for your considerations.

Step-by-Step: Application Process

To ensure everything is clear and the desired result is achieved, we make use of a step-bystep plan.


When you are ready to embark on your adventure abroad, you can find us on the website and fill in an application form. At this moment you have not made any commitments with us and, therefore, there is no need to worry about any payment obligations. We will get in touch with you about how to continue with the rest of the registration process. You will receive an email with the following documents:

When you are finished filling out all the components necessary, just send them back to: avec.np@gmail.com


Upon receiving your details, we will peruse and polish the information, where required. If any changes are made, we will get in direct contact with you for your approval. We will also verify if you skill-set matches our requirements, check whether the start date is realistic or not and if the desired placement can be delivered in the country of your choice.

Preliminary Interview

We provide your information to our recruiting partners, who will arrange an interview directly with you or through our office. This is a preliminary interview where our partners review your information and assess your skill.

Deposit & Service Charge

When we have a green light from our partners that we can place you, you need to pay a deposit, after which we officially start arranging the internship program. If for some reason we cannot deliver the program, the deposit will be refunded.

Search for Internship

In this phase, we will select companies that fit your profile and needs. If there is a match, we’ll send your documentations to the HR manager, after which we often engage in communicating with companies on your behalf and matching your request to assignments offered by companies.

Internship Proposals

During the placement process, we will send you e-mail invitations for interviews. So please check your e-mail regularly and respond as quickly as possible. Apart from the loss of time, responding promptly is often considered as an indication of how motivated and organized you are.

Failure to accept two internship placements voids our contract and deem the deposit non-refundable.

Final Interview

Once a company is interested in your profile, there usually is a follow-up interview over the phone or via skype. The purpose of this interview can be to get more certainty about your skill set, how you would fit in the team or just to introduce themselves to you.

This is your moment to shine!! So make a good first impression, and try and make the most of it. Do some preparation by searching relevant information about the company via the web, do some interview rehearsals, etc.

Contract Signing

After you receive the placement offer, consult with your school to make sure they approve the assignment. If you have already graduated, read all fine lines of the agreement.

If everything is in order, we send a confirmation to the company.

Final Invoice

Finally, you will receive a final invoice for the services you have booked. Of course the deposit you had paid earlier will be deducted. After you have submitted the payment, you will receive a receipt of payment followed by a signed internship contract.

Bon Boyage

Finally, the remaining communication is focused on preparing you for your internship abroad. This could include details about your visa process, accommodation, insurances, etc.

Top Destinations

The list of current destination include the following countries... and many more to follow!!